About Us


Simplecomputercare.com wasn’t started out of the need for profit but rather as a necessity to be able to help people solve their computer issues and to educate them on the technologies they need to communicate effectively to today’s world.

Been directly involved with computer hardware and software for the past 20 years. Specializing in computer operating systems, configuration of hardware and new software, maintenance and virus-spyware removal.

Training and manufacturing experience with Motorola, Advanced Micro Devices, IBM and Westinghouse. Became a Source Inspector traveling nationwide preforming Wafer IC inspection, inspecting PC boards, Personal Computers, up to Networking Switches & Routers and Main-Frame Computers used by the government.

Continued our education completing a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and Administration, along with six technical certifications including Cisco Network Technician, CompTia IT and A+ Technician certifications.

Have vast knowledge to understand how important it is to address computer problems in your home or office. We pride ourselves on delivering quality computer support service. With our service plans for both individual and business level.

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